Pipe Tobacco

1. Durango Gold – A light blend of Cavendish. Packs easily and burns smoothly with a very pleasant aroma.

2. Deuce – Our most popular blend for years consists of Light and Dark Cavendish, with a very pleasing taste.

3. Captain’s Choice – Golden Virginia and Burley blended with Toasted Cavendish for a smooth blend.

4. Commander – Fired cured Cavendish, pleasantly blended with a light golden Cavendish.

5. Pumpkin Spice

6. Nostalgia – An old time mixture of light and fire cured Virginias.

7. Black Knight – Fire cured black Cavendish discreetly flavored to produce an extremely mild burning smoke.

8. Cool Berry – Aromatic Burleys, and Cavendish; this mixture is fruity as well as minty.

9. Black Vanilla – Baked Cavendish flavored with pure Vanilla for a great smoking treat.

10. Mountain Dew – Light and Dark Cavendish combined to form a perfect burning quality, a sprinkle of Latakia and Vanilla, for a nice pleasant aroma.

11. Durango Special – Virginias and Burleys blended with Black Cavendish to make a smooth, aromatic smoke.

12. Highland Mary – A light burning Burley with a pleasant aroma, and no bite.

13. Engineer’s Blend – A tasty blend of light Burleys, Gloden Cavendish, with a sprinle of dark aromatic Cavendish.

14. French Connection – Unique blends of Golden Cavendish and Light Burley make this a very pleasant smoke.

15. Durango Coffee – A pleasant blend of Light and Dark Cavendish, laced with Brazilian Coffee flavored Cavendish.

16. High Country – Blended with Light Cavendish and Vanilla Cavendish, to produce a mild flavorful smoke.

17. Black Cherry – A great Cavendish mixture that tastes and smells wonderful; burns very clean and has an excellent aroma.

18. Tiramisu – A rich, pleasing blend of pastry and mocha flavored tobaccos.

19. Four Corners Special – A Light Cavendish and a Black Cavendish blended just right to burn well and produce a mild aromatic blend.

20. Hour after Hour – Burley Base with Toasted Cavendish added, provides the best of earthly tastes.

21. Serenity – Another fine cut Danish tobacco. Nice sweet taste and aroma.

22. Sportsman – A delightful blend of a flavorful Danish tobacco, broad cut Burley cured with a touch of vanilla and an added hint of Pistachio for a nice nutty finish.

23. Pistachio – Cavendish tobaccos rolled and cured with a splash of Pistachio extract. Nice and nutty.

24. Black Raspberry – A blend of black broad-cut, fire cured Cavendish with fine ribbon cut Burley.

25. Champagne – A fine-cut Cavendish that packs easily. Cask-cured in fine champagne. Very light aromatic.

26. French Vanilla – A delightful mild vanilla taste

27. Nougat – Fine cut light and dark Cavendish tobaccos with a pleasant taste and aroma.

28. Black and Burley – A combination of black Danish Cavendish and a toasted Burley.

29. H&R – A soft, smooth smoke with a wonderful aroma; consists of a mixture of premium Virginias and Mature Black Cavendish with a subtle hint of French berries.

30. Peaches and Cream – A black and bright combination with a tangy citrus taste and a light pleasant aroma.

31. Day and Night – Light cavendish with pure vanilla taste.

32. Maple Walnut – Light aromatic. Great for mornings.

33. Prince Charles – A traditional English blend, distinct and royal, a blend of pure tobaccos.

34. Whiskey – Aged whiskey enhanced for an exeptional mild taste.

35. Cherilla – This superb blend of cherry and vanilla pipe tobacco will be a favorite with the pipe smoker in the family.

36. Mint Kush – For the menthol smoker who wants a little more: Mint kush is sure to satisfy.